Welcome to the Distinct Papers Blog!

May 13, 2016 by Erin Behan

Welcome to our new blog — and our new site! You’ve probably noticed that we like paper — a lot. And it’s not just your everyday office paper that gets us excited, although we like that too. It’s thick paper and thin paper, linen and vellum, paper in all the colors of the rainbow and in sizes big and small.

Welcome to the Distinct Papers blog!
If you love paper, stationery, and office supplies as much as we do, you’re going to like it here. Paper is just the beginning. We’ll be exploring envelopes and packaging, staplers and fasteners: everyday desktop objects with fascinating stories to tell.

We’ll be diving into DIY projects (everything from how to construct a cardboard house to how to make your own picture frame) and introduce you to some artists and craftspeople doing amazing things with paper. We hope that you leave this space inspired to write, create, and interact with paper and paper products in a fresh, new way.

Expect industry news, product updates, the first word on Distinct Paper sales and deals, as well as some fun stuff (how many times can a piece of paper be folded?). We’ll also have our resident paper expert giving answers to questions you might not have realized existed.

Do you have a query about paper in general or ideas for topics you’d like to see us tackle? Or maybe you’re a designer or blogger who would like to be highlighted in this space? Drop us a line at blog@distinctpapers.com. If you have questions about Distinct Papers itself, check out our FAQ or query customer service at support@distinctpapers.com (877) 464-1959.

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Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

Erin Behan is an L.A.-based writer and editor who considers fine paper one of life's little pleasures.


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