The Season's Best Wrapping Paper

December 7, 2016 by Erin Behan

Sure holiday gifts are important — and we've got a great paper-minded gift guide if you need ideas this giving season — but don't forget about presentation.

A beautiful wrapping job can take a gift from wonderful to "wow" in short order, and the holidays are the best time to go all out with show-stopping wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, and extra little somethings tucked on top. With that in mind, we've picked out 13 wrapping paper designs from seven different shops that are sure to impress.

The Season's Best Wrapping Paper
The wrapping paper designs over at Revel & Co (a newbie line launched in fall 2015 out of Colorado) are fun, while still maintaining a certain elegance. Take the Tree Trimming Giraffes, for instance: Have giraffes ever looked so good trimming a tree? We’ve also fallen hard for the Birch Owls; a bright red bow would be the perfect complement to the paper’s muted color palette. Both are $4 for 1 flat sheet (19.5 x 27 inches) or $10.50 for three.

The Season's Best Wrapping Paper
It's hard to choose our favorite wrapping paper from Rifle, but the boldly graphic Peace on Earth and Feliz Navidad wrapping sheets make a striking combo. If you want your gifts to stand out under the tree, look no further than this Florida-based stationery company founded by a husband and wife team. Both designs come as three rolled sheets (19.5 x 27 inches) for $8.50.

The Season's Best Wrapping Paper
Snow & Graham's Sleds paper covers all the winter sport bases, with colorful toboggans, snowshoes, skis, inner tubes and disks neatly lined up in a parade of everything that’s fun about going outside in the snow. In a more natural direction there’s a lot to love about the Confier Cones wrap with bright red birds taking center stage. The paper from the Chicago company is FSC certified stock and the inks are vegetable based. Both are $6.50 for two flat sheets (20 x 30 inches), rolled for shipping.

The Season's Best Wrapping Paper
The Coal Pattern wrapping paper at Norman's Printery is just the ticket for those giftees who have been more naughty than nice. If you’ve got only good girls and boys on your list, consider the sparkly Pine Tree wrap in gold on black (you can also order it in this winter collection set). The coal paper comes in 12-sheet sets (each sheet is 13 x 19 inches) for $14. The pine tree paper comes as three sheets (30 x 23.5 inch) for $14.99. Both are printed by hand in New Jersey.

The Season's Best Wrapping Paper
The pop of color from Detroit Card Co’s Pine and Holly Fern and Pine and Holly Pink wrapping paper is irresistible. Buy them both and wrap multiple gifts in the contrasting colors for quite the statement. The paper comes three sheets (20 x 29 inches) to an order for $8 and is shipped rolled.

The Season's Best Wrapping Paper
Pop culture enthusiast on your list this year? Look no further than Nashville's Love & Lion, which has a Stranger Things-themed paper among its offerings. If your giftees skew more traditional, try the bright Gingerbread Men (in pink, red and green) wrapping paper. Two 20 x 29 sheets come to an $8 order.

How sweet is the paper from Oh Happy Day? As sweet as candy, or candy canes, that is. The double-sided Candy Cane paper will turn heads in the best possible way. One 10-foot-long roll of the paper is $8.25, making it one of the best deals on this list.

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Erin Behan

Written by Erin Behan

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