Fun at the National Stationery Show!

May 19, 2016 by Eva Ginsberg

The Distinct Papers team sailed its maiden voyage at the National Stationery Show and had way too much fun. We met with so many talented artists, designers and clever businesses that we left with our heads spinning full of ideas.

Lia Griffith
Over at designer Lia Griffith’s booth, we were wowed by her gorgeous display of handmade paper flowers and two stunning paper dresses, one of which her daughter wore to her prom. Imagine that. You don’t have to be a paper genius to enjoy her website, on which she shares practical and easy DIY projects too.

There was Erin Borges of Cahootz who designs gift bags with the tissue paper attached to the bag, eliminating that awkward moment where you have a bag but no tissue paper, or when you can’t figure out how to make the tissue paper look artful as it peeks out of the bag. No such worries here. All you have to do is fan the attached tissue paper out for a picture-perfect gift, every time. And the gift bag is reusable.

Paper Pop Cards
Paper Pop Cards is turning the world of 2-D stationery on its head. These 3-D, laser-cut designs are inspired by world-renown architects, artists, and, of course, the designers’ own imaginations. What’s more, you can detach the Pop Up from the card and display it on your shelf.

Who knew that paper bags could be so interesting? Amy Lesniewsicz of Alice-Louise Press had more than a few sleepless nights designing unique and fun wine, lunch and snack bags. You’ll love some of the sayings: “Uncork to Release Pressure,” “When Life Gives You Lemons, Trade it for Grapes,” or “My Other Bag is a Prada.” Although you can’t get them on her site yet, you can take a look at her beautiful letterpress invitations.

We were especially inspired by Live Love Studio where we met Kate Moore from Tennessee who uses her artistic talent to better the world. Who can resist happy greeting cards with sayings like “Love Is a Verb” and “Life Is Short Order the Cheese Fries?” And for each notecard purchased, one meal is donated to Second Harvest Food Bank in East Tennessee’s Appalachia. She LIVES out LOVE in a tangible way.

Eve Devore
Curious what you would look like as an owl? Are you a Yogi Sage? A Pirate? A Geisha? Eve Devore has created Owl Art Prints and Cards, using the concept of “humanizing owls or owlizing humans.” Each owl is special and comes with its own personality (story) added to the print.

For more information on the latest stationery trends and awards, check out the industry magazine, Stationery Trends. Be sure to come back to our blog soon to meet more inspiring makers and to learn ways to use paper in surprising ways. Long live paper!

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Eva Ginsberg

Written by Eva Ginsberg

Eva is the Marketing Coordinator for Distinct Papers and colors make her happy.


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