Adorable Staplers from Around the World

June 8, 2016 by Erin Behan

Who hasn’t had a sheath of papers go flying off their desk, whether from a gust of wind or a careless hand? Since King Louis the XV in the 18th century, the problem of fly-away paper has been solved by a stapler, although it wasn’t until the late 1800s that commercially successful staplers hit the market. That creation, the McGill Single Stroke Staple Press, looked more like a rivet press than a modern-day stapler, but it got the job done.

Fast forward to the 21st century where staplers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And often they don’t even look like staplers, instead favoring cute animals or sporting eye-catching patterns and decorations. Read on for our favorite staplers from around the world.

Adorable Staplers from Around the World
Panda Stapler
This lightweight stapler from Yansanido uses mini staples, and it can easily be tossed in a school bag, purse or satchel as it’s just over three inches in length. Its happy panda face is the emotional equivalent of looking at an online cat video without the distraction of everything else on the Internet. Available at Amazon for $2.21 and up.

Bunny Stapler
This pink or white stapler from Mustard that mimics the outline of a bunny is sure to be the envy of your plain ole stapler-toting office mates. Why not take out a little aggression as you imagine this sweet bunny chomping through piles of lettuce, er paperwork? It takes standard staples. Available at Amazon for $9.78.

Adorable Staplers from Around the World
Whale Stapler
This adorable white whale-shaped stapler from Monkey Business carries a surprise. Its top opens up to reveal mini staple storage (you’ll never run out again!). Looks especially nice on top of that copy of Moby Dick you keep meaning to read. Available in white at Amazon for $14.50.

Dog Stapler
It might take you a second to recognize the shape of this Kikkerland beauty, but once you see the pooch in this sizeable stapler, you’ll smile every time you need to secure one piece of paper to another. It’s available in red at Amazon for $12 and also comes in silver.

Hand-Glittered Stapler
Animal-shaped staplers are cute (of course), but sometimes you just need some bling with your TPS reports. That’s when you turn to a handmade acrylic glitter stapler from Etsy shop AliceAndMarie for $34. They’ve got matching desk accessories too, if you want to go all out, and if you’re buying a glitter stapler, you probably do.

Pac-Man Stapler
Perhaps your tastes skew to the world of 1980s arcade games? Then you might be in the market for Paladone’s bright yellow, rubber mini stapler, which promises to munch through all of your ghosts with efficiency. It’s small enough to stow in your desk. Available at Amazon for $11.98.

Adorable Staplers from Around the World

T-Rex Staple Remover Of course, if you’re going to staple, you’ll have to occasionally unstaple. This task is easier said than done, especially if you don’t have the fingernails for the job. Luckily there is this series of animal-head staple removers by Jac Zagoory Designs out of New York City. We’re partial to the T-rex skull for $78, but the hippo’s not bad either.

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Written by Erin Behan

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