8 Unique, Design-Savvy Calendars for 2017

January 5, 2017 by Erin Behan

Of all the things that change with a new year, one of our favorite changes is the chance to turn the page on a new calendar. We've gathered up eight of the best 2017 calendars here, each picked for its uniqueness, design-savvy and overall good looks. After all, you’ll be staring at this thing every day for the next 365 days, so you might as well love it.

8 Unique, Design-Savvy Calendars for 2017
Johanna Basford Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar, $8.49 at Amazon
If you've resolved to lead a more creative life, this tear-off calendar is just the ticket. Each day features a different design from one of Basford's popular adult coloring books, like Secret Garden or Enchanted Forest, and an invitation to color it in on your own. The accompanying box can stores as a keepsake for completed drawings.

Rifle Desk Calendar, $16 at Rifle Paper Co.
The 12 hand-painted designs on this beautiful standing desk calendar are just what you need to start your day with a splash of color and a bit of inspiration. Mexican folk art, Japanese textiles and more are represented in the 6 by 7.5 inch full-color calendar by the cult-favorite paper line out of Winter Park, Fla.

8 Unique, Design-Savvy Calendars for 2017
2017 Write-on Calendar, $27 at Snow & Graham
This traditional write-on calendar from the Chicago-based paper novelty shop allows space for penning in those important dates, while each monthly illustration delivers a fresh interpretation of familiar Snow & Graham designs, which are colorful yet spare. The 12 x 18 inch calendar is printed in the U.S.

2017 Pattern Letterpress Calendar, $16 at Lineville Letterpress on Etsy
Time feels extra permanent when it’s represented in letterpress form. Each month of this handsome, yet diminutive desk calendar is topped with a colorful graphic illustration and the whole set comes with a wooden base in two different finishes. With the base, the calendar setup measures 2.5 by 5 inches. The inks are hand-mixed and the pages are hand-printed by shop owner Jeff Bazer.

8 Unique, Design-Savvy Calendars for 2017
Bubble Wrap Calendar, $27 at Uncommon Goods
Play this interactive bubble-wrap calendar however you like — pop each day in the morning as a celebration of what's to come or at night as a release of daily frustrations. Made in Brooklyn, the calendar has holidays noted in varying colors. There's no space to write in your dentist appointment, but that’s not really what this calendar is about.

Triangle Wall Calendar, $8.85 or $15.16 at Prism of Starlings on Etsy
If all these calendars have you feeling a little bit square, this whimsical one is just the antidote. Majestic peacocks, leaping bunnies, unicorns, wise owls, a dragonfly, and more animals leap across the perfect equilateral triangle of a calendar. It comes in heavy 200 gsm cardstock, and although it ships from England, reviews suggest shipping is quick.

8 Unique, Design-Savvy Calendars for 2017
Stendig Calendar, $38 at Need Supply Co.
The Stendig Furniture Company commissioned Italian graphic designer Massimo Vignelli to create a calendar in 1966, and his oversized 36 x 48 inch calendar was almost instantly recognized as something special — indeed, it was put into the Museum of Modern Art in New York before it was even released to the public. The use of bold Helvetica type and a strong grid structure can't be beat.

365 Typography Calendar, $32 or $49 at Amazon
Type fiends who want a switch-up from the Stendig should check out Studio Hinrichs typeface-themed calendar. Every month features a different type design with a short biography of the type designer, who as a group are often overlooked. The calendar is available in two sizes, 12 x 18 inches or 23 x 33 inches, and was designed in San Francisco and printed in Canada.

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Written by Erin Behan

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