5 Spooky Paper Mache Pinatas to Make for Halloween

October 28, 2016 by Erin Behan

Is there anything you can’t make out of paper mache? One of our favorite ways to use this versatile crafting method is to make candy-filled pinatas. And we can’t think of a better holiday to capitalize on creativity, candy and a good old-fashioned piñ than Halloween.

5 Spooky Paper Mache Pinatas to Make for Halloween
Pumpkin Pinata
It's likely every child's dream that pumpkins would magically gift candy, and this paper mache pumpkin pinata from Chaos Served Daily does just that. The ingredients list is short (balloon; paper mache ingredients of flour, sugar, water and glue; newspaper; paint; tissue paper). How many layers of paper you add is up to you — the more layers you add, the stronger the pinata will be. Kids will love to help design and cut out the jack-o-lantern face.

5 Spooky Paper Mache Pinatas to Make for Halloween
Sugar Skull/ Day of the Dead Pinata
Sugar skull pinatas, just like real sugar skulls, offer endless possibilities for customization. Kathy, who runs Crafty Chica has an easy-to-follow video and lots of photos that take you step-by-step through making a paper mache sugar skull — without a balloon. The colors and decorative touches she adds to the finished skulls offer plenty of inspiration to Day of the Dead crafting.

5 Spooky Paper Mache Pinatas to Make for Halloween
Candy Corn Pinata
What we love about this unique HGTV candy corn paper mache pinata is a somewhat different approach in the decorating step. Instead of the usual crepe paper fringe layer to cover the paper mache, you use square sheets of tissue paper that have been crumpled around a stick and then dipped in glue. It's almost too pretty to bust.

5 Spooky Paper Mache Pinatas to Make for Halloween
Spider Pinata
It wouldn't be Halloween without a few creepy crawlies. This DIY paper mache spider pinata from O Happy Day adds just the right amount of cute to a giant hair-raising spider. Blogger Jordan uses a balloon to shape the body under the paper mache wrapping, while stiff craft paper helps to form the spindly spider legs. The addition of a sparkly web is a stroke of genius.

5 Spooky Paper Mache Pinatas to Make for Halloween
Ghost Pinata
Friendly or frightening? You get to decide, but we love the look of this boo-tiful pinata on Cut Out and Keep. It's a super-easy pinata craft that can be done in 24 hours with minimal effort. The suggestion of using glow-in-the-dark paint is a good one too.

If you're new to paper mache, we suggest you Before head over to Ultimate Paper Mache, where Jonni Good blogs about all things paper mache and gives easy-to-follow directions for all sort of paper mache recipes.

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